Praise for RIVAL

“This book gets it all exactly right—friendships, envy, and the fact that you can never truly know another person.”
Sara Zarr, author of STORY OF A GIRL and SWEETHEARTS

“Awesome, awesome and more awesome. Not one wrong note.”
New York Times Bestseller Lauren Myracle

“RIVAL is a must-have addition to school and public libraries collections alike.”
Voice of Youth Advocates

"From spreading gossip and stealing boyfriends to bitch slaps and malicious pranks, this quick-paced and solid debut novel has all the drama of real high school. Think Glee, only with chamber music."

“Despite the current popularity of Glee and show choirs, Wealer instead focuses on classical music, using credible examples that demonstrate her knowledge, experience, and appreciation of the genre. Alternating chapters narrated by Brooke and Kathryn relive their high-school history and allow us to see the conflict from both sides. Both girls are at times shallow, manipulative, and just plain mean—these complex, interesting, believable protagonists will satisfy many readers who pick up the book expecting a lighter sort of musical read and instead find real substance.”

“Wealer has a talent for depicting the fragile moments on which friendships are made and broken.”
Publishers Weekly

“A particularly timely tale featuring dual viewpoints of bully and bullied as two girls compete socially and in the choral arena.  Well told, insightfully written, interesting contemporary YA.”
New York Times Bestseller “Kiersten White

I started this book one morning and finished it by the next because I just couldn’t put it down. A mysterious, suspenseful read, “Rival” is a great readalike for teens that have enjoyed series books such as Sara Shepard’s “Pretty Little Liars” and Cecily von Ziegesar’s “Gossip Girl.”
Jessica at “Musings + Teen Librarian

“…like Mean Girls THE MUSICAL but BETTER. And the ending? PERFECT.  True to life, true to the characters.  I loved it.  Fabulous debut.”
The Croooked Shelf: Memoirs of a YA Addict

“With realistic teen characters, great dialog, and an ending the lets both main characters shine, RIVAL is a must read for 2011.”
Maria at The Serpentine Library

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